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Our clients know they can demand tolerance levels which go down to a few microns. We control our parts with a series of measurement instruments, that few producers deploy: three-dimensional optical measurement tools, an optical projector, roughness testers and various micrometers. Every measurement is collected, reviewed, checked against required limit values and recorded on a server.

T.E.M.A. not only deploys the most advanced machinery and control instruments, it also employs highly skilled professionals,  each with their own competence, who take care of the client’s needs in each phase of production: from prototype to the final production, improving quality day by day.

T.E.M.A. is also a leader in the production of complex parts with a broad range of materials, including any steel alloy, stainless steel, titanium, Ergal. Industries which appreciate T.E.M.A.’s excellent quality production include: orthopedics, dental, biomedical, automobile, arms, food and drink, oil and gas, jewelry. You can see an overview of the main types of production for each industry below.

We produce many parts for the arms industry, in different sectors: sports, hunting and defense. All items produced are of a certain complexity, made in various kind of steel: 18 Ni, Cr Mo 5, and 39 Ni Cr Mo 3.
We naturally deliver all parts, complete with the different treatments, ready to be assembled.
For over twenty years, we have produced the AISI 630 firing pin of the world-renowned Beretta 92 pistol.


In the medical field we produce parts for many different applications, including prosthodontics and orthopedics. For the former, the firm produces highly refined parts, including dental implants, abutments and healing screws; for the latter, we produce screws and hooks used in surgery on the back and legs.

When they “tap” beer for you, it is very likely that the components used in the tap are produced by our company.  They are all produced in stainless steel, particularly AISI 316L.

Our firm is specialized in producing components for hydraulic and pneumatic solenoid valves. From the barrel to the stem, the items are provided complete with thermal treatment, and grinding, according to the client’s requirements.

Cars, industrial vehicles, tractors, earth-moving machinery, and engines for farm use, are all industries which use parts produced by our company. We produce, in particular, parts for gearshifts and differentials.

In the jewelry field, we produce prototypes in titanium or other materials, for pendants and earrings. With our machinery, we can manage every specification of our clients with the maximum precision which jewelry demands. The jewelry we make allows the mounting of pearls or other kinds of precious items.

In different fields, we have developed different products and mechanical parts, which match a wide range of demand from large industry to small businesses, always with the aim of optimizing the functionality and achieving a final product which perfectly matches customer requirements. We produce components for crash helmets which allow air passage. Our system is used by rallying world champions.
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